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About Jordan

Jordan is a land of great history. Some of mankind's earliest settlements, villages, and remainders of many of the world's great civilizations have left their marks on this land, which once fascinated ancient travelers, and continues to mesmerize new generations and nations. Jordan’s location in the heart of the Middle East and at the crossroads between Asia, Africa and Europe made it an important trading route for citizens of the world. Defined as a unique destination; Jordan offers exceptional sights, exquisite cuisine and countless activities that can provide visitors and tourists from diverse cultures with inspiration, and rejuvenation.

About Amman

The ancient capital of Jordan is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the World. Amman has a contrasting, yet a fascinating blend of historic and modern architecture and feel. The heart of this city is its Downtown; cramped valleys between towering hills shelter comparatively few obvious sights. Rather, Downtown is the spiritual and physical heart of the city. In the midst of it is the Abdali, which most strongly resembles the stereotype of a Middle Eastern city. The revitalizing and uplift of this area offers a synchronized location where someone can shop, relax, dine, stay and socialize.

About The Boulevard

Strategically situated at the heart of Abdali, the new downtown of Amman, The Boulevard is a mixed-use complex that consists of a 370-meter-long and a 21-meter-wide outdoor pedestrian Spine, bordered by 12 buildings. These buildings offer unique premium retail outlets, high street cafes and restaurants, avant-garde office spaces, luxurious Arjaan by Rotana hotel serviced apartments and exclusive rooftop lounges. The Boulevard will compliment Abdali's vision in redefining modern living in the Jordanian capital by blending business, pleasure and contemporary urban lifestyles in one prestigious address, enhancing the capital's touristic and economic offering.